Lord Voldemort: A Character Analysis

Frosted Lightly

Lessons to be Learned from He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

1. Dedication.  I mean, it takes a lot of time and effort to be good at what you do.  Even if it is bein’ evil.

Lord Voldemort is the perfect evil character, and I mean perfect.

In today’s pop culture, evil has become more and more humanized.  Sometimes, you can’t figure out if you hate the bad guy, or merely feel sorry for how his past troubles have led him to become the person he is now.  This makes Lord Voldemort the perfect bad guy–he’s a guy you love to hate.  Think about it:  there is no redeeming quality about You-Know-Who.  Not a single one.  He murders without thought.  He literally blasts people out of his way when he walks.  He killed innocents just so he could live.  Basically he’s bloodthirsty, and so powerful he won’t be stopped.  But he wasn’t like this because…

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