I’m taking French course at IFI since the beginning of March. Wow, it’s been a month! Last Saturday was the fourth meeting. Kind of fun. I wish I could take German course too, but it’s too expensive ;___;


My father is sick. Literally. He’s old and all. Easily get sick.

He cheated on my mother, thrice. Well, i’m not sure. Maybe he cheated on her more than thrice.

But he’s sick now. I really don’t know what to do.

I hate him for what he did, but he’s my father.

I really don’t know what to do.


Oh, God. This is rubbish.

Journal 1

I was tempted to write something this morning and I decided to try to write an essay. I’ve always wanted to know what an essay is and how to write one, so I tried to find any reading about it. It turns out that writing an essay is not an easy thing to do (for me, haha). I once asked a friend, “how do you write an essay?” (I feel like Gumshoe when he ask “how do you use logic?” or whatever the question is lol)

Well, she said that writing an essay is easy. Just pour what you think into it, she said. Maybe this is true to her, for she is a writer and writing an essay is now a skill. Based on what I read in:


An essay is a piece of writing that methodically analyses and evaluates a topic or issue.  Fundamentally, an essay is designed to get your academic opinion on a particular matter.

Then, I think an essay contains an academic opinion of a person. It differs from personal opinion which is subjective and to write an essay, someone must ponder, analyse, evaluate, reflect, and do excessive study about the topic he/she wants to write.

And, this is it for today. I haven’t finished reading anyway (I’m still reading the first page lol), if I have another opinion on my mind I’ll post about it later.

Welcome to Lynnette!

since i have no money to buy a saxophone, i decided to buy another woodwind.
i actually want to buy a flute, its sound is sweet and magical, but this clarinet is cheaper than the flute at the shop i came to. so yeah, i bought the clarinet at the end.
now, i gave her a name lol
it’s Lynnette! welcome Lynnette~! (sorry i broke one of the cork’s key on our first meeting ;______;)
ah now the problem is… finding a teacher :v

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. And so Eleanor Roosevelt said.

kind of reminded the time i was talking about the importance of TPB in my mind to others, they didn’t agree and cut my speech off in the middle, with a raised voice. man, i was just talking what was on my mind. it was not absolutely true, it might be wrong, but they didn’t need to do that and just give a simple explanation and understanding.
well, why am i talking about people? i should just ignore it. hah.
i just need to accept that i may be just people with small minds. sheesh.

Hello, World!

So, yeah. This is my first post here ever. Seriously, ever.

While in the blogspot I’m using Indonesian. I’m trying to post things in English here, since I sense that my English is not good and there’s no more English class on my next two year and a half at this university I’m attending. And yeah, I’m gonna teach myself by writing things! Beware of the trash I’m gonna post, lad!